Jalisco TECH


Jalisco offers economic incentives, infrastructure and talent

They will make your project grow in an ecosystem of innovation and high technology with a solid track record of more than 60 years.

Jalisco offers economic incentives, infrastructure and talent
Jalisco is a land of certainty and opportunities!

We work closely with the government, the private sector, and academia to detonate human capital and attract investment.

Jalisco is a land of certainty and opportunities!
jalisco tect hub act
We are looking for Jalisco’s leadership!

In innovation and high technology in Mexico and Latin America.

Our commitment is to develop, reconvert and attract specialized talent.


We are looking for Jalisco’s leadership!

Get to know the Jalisco Tech Hub Act

Discover our innovative approach to fostering progress, attracting talent, and driving economic and social growth. Join us in investing in tomorrow with our approach to.


What it is, what it consists of: talent development, investment, incentives, infrastructure.

The Jalisco Tech Hub Act is a public policy in which the government, private initiative and universities collaborate to position the state as a leader in the development, transformation, attraction and retention of talent through incentives to the innovation and high technology ecosystem to stimulate the economic and social growth of Jalisco.

Why Invest in Jalisco?

Jalisco has become the epicenter of innovation at the national level; internationally, we are recognized as the most innovative and competitive entity, the Silicon Valley of Mexico.

Talent development and engagement

The innovation and high technology ecosystem in Jalisco has a trajectory of more than 60 years, and although it is solid and structured, we are betting on the specialization of the talen…

Economic incentives

Jalisco has emerged as the national epicenter of innovation, earning international recognition as the most competitive region in this field.


If you wish to invest in Jalisco, we invite you to get to know the technological infrastructure that the state has to guarantee that the properties offered have competitive prices….

Companies already investing in Jalisco

+ 600 high-tech companies, + 300 software and services companies, 5 incubators and technology parks.

Canada 249 companies
  • Natural gas transport
  • Land transport
  • Pensions and guesthouses
  • Mining
%1,550.4 mdd • 3.9%
EUA 1,483 companies
  • Wireless operators
  • Electronic component manufacturing
  • Retail trade in self-service shops
  • Guesthouses and boarding houses
  • Manufacture of glass products
$9,456.8 mdd • 24.1%
Belgium 122 companies
  • Beverage industry
$1,359 mdd • 3.5%
Japan 46 companies
  • Vehicle and auto parts manufacturing
  • Beverage industry
  • Meat slaughtering and packaging
  • Textile fibre spinning
$1,096.6 mdd • 2.8%
Spain 252 companies
  • Multi-banking
  • Wireless operators
$1,713 mdd • 4.4%
London 63 companies
  • Energy supply
  • Mining
  • Industrial equipment
$2,389 mdd • 6.1%
Germany 122 companies
  • Manufacture of rubber products
  • Auto parts manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical industry
$2,054.1 mdd • 5.2%

Success stories

Jalisco has made a strong commitment to consolidate the innovation and high technology ecosystem.

HELLA | Karl Schary, President, Hella Jalisco

HELLA | Karl Schary, President, Hella Jalisco

Company dedicated to the manufacture of electronic components and lighting systems for the automotive industry. For Hella, Jalisco is a state that has the talent, educational institutions and government support for the consolidation of its...

Invest in the future with Jalisco

Jalisco is the only state with a public policy with which government, companies and universities seek to turn the state into the innovation hub of Latin America, boosting talent and innovation.


Join us and be part of the future!