Jalisco TECH




From industrial parks and technological infrastructure, Jalisco has world-class real estate developments

Industrial parks and technological infrastructure

If you want to invest in Jalisco, we invite you to learn about the state's technological infrastructure. We guarantee that the properties offered are competitively priced. We also promote the efficient use of energy and water.

reserva territorial

World-class real estate developments

We have developments that provide added value to companies.
68Industrial parks
2Technology districts
1multimedia park
3Technology parks
1Software Center

Industrial areas of the ZMG

We also have different industrial zones so that investors can choose what best suits their needs:

  1. North Zapopan
  2. Southern Peripheral
  3. Lopez Mateos
  4. El Salto
  5. Former Industrial Zone
  6. Acatlán de Juárez

In many ways, Jalisco is a reference for our country in the eyes of the world. In economic matters, complex data support us as the locomotive of Mexico’s economy.